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DDA is a private detective agency based in India for private investigations conducted by an experienced Male & Female professional detectives and investigators.Whatever your need, DDA will offer you top...
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Time You Take To Complete My Assignment?

It depends upon the complexity of the case. Some operations take month, some weeks and some days. Once we get the details of the assignment we will be able to give you a time-scale.

How Much I Have To Pay In Advance?

You have to pay 75% Advance of the payment and rest of the 25% after finalized the case

How Sure Am I About Authenticity Of Information?

We guarantee the authenticity of our investigation results through meticulous research, thorough documentation, and adherence to legal and ethical standards in conducting investigations.

Do You Accept Cases from All Over India?

Yes, we accept cases from all over India and have the capability to conduct investigations nationwide.

I did not find an answer to my question. Where else can i find it?

Try and check the "FAQ" area or email us at md@devandetective.com